Shamanic Astral Traveling, Powerful Essentials (English only)


26. September 2020 um 16:00 – 27. September 2020 um 00:00 CET

Webinarraum mit Software “”

24. September 2020 um 10:00

Learn about the secret shamanic wisdom of astral traveling the lower and upper mystical worlds.

Get to know your Medicine Animal, spiritual friends, and allow them to guide you on endless spiritual adventures of deep healing and profound transformation.
Walter Luebeck will share with you the skills and knowledge how to get the right Divine Gifts from the Upper World an d how to use them wisely to develop life structures towards your Soul Path.

By encountering the many wonders of the Lower World you will understand how to contact Spiritual Guides, Elves and the Fae-Folk who dwell there. You work together with them for the Higher Good of all Creation. They will add their Magick to your Light-work and heal those in need.

Bathing in the Enchanted Wells of the Lower World will establish a resonance to a variety of Spiritual Resources and provide you with access to your own spiritual heritage.

Discovering the Crystals of the Elders in the Upper World makes it so much easier for your to open up to Divine Wisdom, understanding better the hidden structures of life and love, meaning and healing.

These two days will change your life and give you a great start into a new life of spiritual adventures of healing and learning and transformation.

Walter Lübeck

400,- Euro inkl. tax
Includes two days of webinar and manual, certificate of the Whitefeather Shamanic School®

No prerequisites – come as you are!